Žuvinė – Fish day everyday! We work closely together with fishermen of the Baltic Sea Region, eco-friendly fish farms in Lithuania and certified fish suppliers from all over the world, hence we always have fresh fish to offer. The climate of Lithuania determines our assortment of fresh fish, which changes as the seasons do: autumn is the season of vimba bream, zander, the Baltic cod and the Atlantic cod; winter is the season of smelt; spring is the season of the Baltic turbot, plaice and wild catfish; summer is the season of the European eel. However, we serve fish and seafood from the oceans all through the year. We only approve of fresh, natural, ecological and authentic food. Led by our chef Andrius Gurevičius, the kitchen staff work and create together to discover the true flavour of fish and seafood, just to give you a distinctive, natural and true taste. Our professional waiters are familiar with the appropriate side dishes for different fish servings, and they will recommend the most suitable side dish that complements and brings out the full flavour of fish. In our fish and seafood restaurant guests have an opportunity to not only taste the fish dishes, but also to learn how to savour it.